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FAST is developing a series of briefings on key aspects of Farnborough's aviation heritage.   These are the first of a series of briefings which cover both the technical heritage and the scientific and engineering staff who contributed significantly to English aviation history through the Royal Aircraft Factory and Establishment research, development and early aircraft production. It is a continuing process and a number of further briefings are planned.

You can download these BELOW by clicking on the links.

A History of the Farnborough Aviation Site  (Parts 1 to 6:  1901 to 1991)

This is a much abbreviated history of Farnborough and contains just a small range of the experimental research & development carried it out in its lifetime.

1.    1901-14 The Early Days

2.    The Great War 1914-18

3.    1918-39 The Inter War Years

4.    1939-45 World War II

5.    1945-90 The Cold War Period (briefing not yet complete)

6.    1991 The Demise of the RAE

The rest of the series look at Specific Aspects of Farnborough’s Aviation History

7.    Royal Engineers Balloon School

8.    Royal Flying Corps

9.    Royal Aircraft Factory

10.  Edward Teshmaker Busk  (Scientist)

11.  Maj Frank W Goodden  (Test Pilot)

12.  Samuel Franklin Cody  (briefing not yet complete)

13.  The Farnborough Wind Tunnels

14.  Hermann Glauert (Aerodynamicist)

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FAST (the Farnborough Air Sciences Trust) was founded in 1993 to safeguard Farnborough's priceless aeronautical heritage.  We work to preserve and promote Farnborough's great heritage in aviation science - an important educational resource and an internationally significant part of the nation's scientific progress.

Our museum is dedicated to Farnborough's proud aviation heritage and significant contribution to air science and research, and offers an important educational resource as well as an entertaining and stimulating day out for anyone interested in aviation history and scientific progress.  


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