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Cody Flyer project –BBC Website News Article

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Cody Flyer project –Thames Valley Tonight Television News Article - mpg video

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October 2007

Cody Flyer project – BBC Southern Counties Radio interview

Please find below an MP3 audio clip of a recent BBC Southern Counties Radio interview with Cody Flyer Project Leader, David Wilson.
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The FAST Cody Flyer Project


To build a (non-flying) full size replica of British Army Aircraft Number 1A in which Samuel Franklin Cody, on 16 October, 1908  made the first powered, controlled flight in the UK of a heavier than air machine.


The replica, to be completed in time for the 100th Anniversary of that historic flight in October, 2008, is to be built to the drawings prepared by John Roberts based on research over many years by Mrs. Jean Roberts.

Samuel Franklin Cody

The fundamental mandates of the project were authenticity & meeting the October 2008 deadline.

As such, funding and partnerships are being actively sought by the FAST team in order to meet these essential requirements.

FAST Media contact:
Richard Gardner Tel 01252 515562

Project Leader:
David Wilson Tel 01420 23644

Project Deputy:
Maurice Shakespeare

Information on Samual Franklin Cody:
Jean Roberts Tel 01252 543740

Samuel Franklin Cody