FAST Cody Flyer Sponsors

We are very grateful to the following companies, organisations & individuals for their generous and invaluable support of the FAST Cody Flyer Project.


Rushmoor Borough Council
We are indebted to the consistent and enthusiastic support provided by our local authority Rushmoor Borough Council to Farnborough Air Sciences Trust, the museum and its projects. In recognition of the important part S F Cody and his achievements played in the history of Aldershot, Farnborough and the North Camp area we wish to thank RBC formally for a much appreciated grant towards the construction of the Cody Flyer replica.

Lockheed Martin
We are pleased to announce our first major sponsor from the aerospace sector. Lockheed Martin is one of the worlds largest and most innovative aerospace companies with over “1,000 facilities in 500 cities and 46 states throughout the US” and “Internationally, business locations in 75 nations and territories”. We are particularly pleased that a US based company has chosen to support the Cody Flyer Project recognising the special relationship that exists between the US and UK aviation industries to this day. Their support further cements this relationship and recognises the considerable achievement of their countryman Samuel F Cody, 100 years ago.

Norman Winterbottom
A very generous & substantial personal donation from one of our own FAST Members & volunteer, Norman Winterbottom. Please see our GALLERY for a Cheque Presentation Photo

Mr Alan Munday
A huge thank you for a substantial personal donation from a real enthusiast who surprised us with this unexpected but very welcome addition to our project funds.

Shipley Ltd
A very generous donation from a company involved in supporting UK industry including the aviation sector.
Shipley’s mission is to help its clients improve their business winning capability, by helping them determine the gaps between best practices and the way their Business Development processes are operating. Shipley provides, training, mentoring and process improvement solutions, to help its clients address their Business Development performance gaps.
Shipley has chosen to sponsor the Cody Flyer Project because, similar to the efforts required to win business, the members of the FAST Cody Flyer Project Team are committed to success and willing to put in the level of effort required to achieve that success.

Fairview New Homes Ltd
A big thank you to a leading property developer  in the Home Counties who have an important new development in Farnborough and have chosen to further support the area and its aviation heritage through sponsorship of the Cody Flyer Project.

Mr R J Simpson
Many thanks to another real aviation enthusiast who is helping us with a substantial donation.

Mr J Holliday
Thank you to another genuine enthusiast who surprised us with a very welcome and generous addition to our project funds.

Royal Bank of Scotland
We welcome the enthusiastic support from one of  Farnborough’s premier financial institutions and thank them for their generous contribution to the project.

Redrow Homes (Southern) Ltd
Thank you to this award winning property developer  who currently has important new housing developments in Farnborough and the South East also having generously donated to our project funds.

Mr J S Blackburn


MERLIN Flight Simulation Group
Merlin is a highly specialist simulator company, the only one in the world to manufacture simulators specifically for university use.
Their Engineering Flight Simulators are used in ten U.K. universities, and have been designed to demonstrate the subjective aspects of flight. They are also being used in all aspects of aircraft design related disciplines, from the classic stability and control evaluation, through to cockpit ergonomics.
Merlin's flight software is a superb aerodynamic model that has the flexibility and mathematical integrity to respond properly to everything from the basic dimensions of wing span and chord to the details of the wing aerofoil.

Ms. Hulya Wilson
Pepperstitch Designs, Blacknest - Use of soft furnishings workshop and supply of thread for fabric construction.


Mr S Foster

Mr D R Weeding

Mr M Warren

Mr D Birdsall

Mr R Froud

Mr G Kirk

Martin T Peters

West Country Tool Co

W N Briggs

D R Higton

Mr R C Balcombe

Mr T Stoughton-Harris

Mr D Beevis

Mr B James

Mr B. Dowsett


Dr. K.B Armstrong

Mr K C & Mrs J C Williams

Farnborough Central Townswomen’s Guild

Mr P J Kirby IEng AMRAeS

Mr M Tallboys

Mr G Patterson

Cove Manor Football Club

Mr J Beben

Mr D A & Mrs R Robinson

J Papasavva

British Rail Retirement Group

Mr A J Cole

J H & D M Harrison

H M & V J Arthur

D J Butler-Bridges

H J Payne

F J Tucker

J H Palfrey

Mr G. Martin

Mr D Astryalo

Mr W Henderson

Mr A Price

Mr C Beevis

Mr M Hodges

M S Igglesden

Kings International College

Mr R Frost

Pam & Steve Turner

Mr A Brown

Mr Roger Jones

Dr D I Hogg

Ms N J Field

Rugby Aviation Group

Michael H Smith

Sunil Vidhani

Patrick W Kirkby

Mr M Aplin

DCMT Schrivenham

Farnborough Clockhouse Townwomen’s Guild

St Peter’s Church Mens Group

Mr D J Start

Farnborough Craft Guild

Mr G Knowles

Mr A Jakes

Mr M H Tallboys

Mr R Dowden

Mr C Fidler

C G R Greaves

Mr H Phillips

Tom & Ann Hughes

Mr B L Evans

Mr P Kirby

Dr L J Hope

Mr A Mundell

Mrs G & Mr P Moody

British Army Aeroplane No1A 'Cody Flyer'

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Samuel Franklin Cody