Cody Flyer Project Team

In order to build a replica of a 100 year old aircraft design it takes a unique set of skills, experience and craftsmanship from a committed band of volunteers to achieve the desired result.
Farnborough Air Sciences Trust (FAST) as an organisation is uniquely equipped with such skills from its membership and associates many of whom have spent most of their working lives in the aerospace industry.
With this in mind FAST are proud to recognise the contribution from our dedicated Cody Flyer project team which continues to grow almost daily. Without their support, dedication and enthusiasm this project would not have been possible.

Geoff Baker

Propeller drive shaft scheme

Derek Bracknell

Health & safety, finance & publicity

Don Carter

Main fuselage assembly

Paul Chapman

Kite consultant

Les Coleman

Head rudder manufacture

Frank Colenso

Metalwork & airframe rigging

Dave Collinson

Specialist timber manufacture, struts and ribs

Bill Debenham

Specialist timber manufacture, struts and ribs

Dave Ford

Chief Engineer

Ken Funnell

Design, rudder manufacture

Richard Gardner

Publicity & sponsorship

Gillian Gravel

Aircraft covering§

Fin Gordon

Wire rigging

Doug Gilby

General support

Wendy Gilby

Aircraft covering

Gary Goddard

Project web design & maintenance

Roger Griffiths

Outrigger wheels

Richard Harrison

Flight controls manufacture, publicity & sponsorship

Les Human

Chief Designer

Dave Lake

Aircraft covering

John Loader

General Support

Brian Luff

Simulator manufacture

Dave Madgwick

Design, rudder manufacture, flight control research/model

Ian McLaren

Replica engine manufacture

Neil McLaren

Replica engine manufacture

Gwen Moody

Admin support

Philip Moody

Archive research

Jim Morley

Scale models of BAA1A both static and flying

Ken Odgers

Treasurer and machine tools support

Mike Prichard

Simulator manager

Jill Reynolds

Aircraft covering

Jean Roberts

S F Cody authority & historian

John Roberts

BAA1A Design authority & original drawings

Graham Rood

Publicity and sponsorship

Geoff Rowlands

Simulator study, photo & drawing reproduction

Alan Ryder

Museum project display,  project artwork

Maurice Shakespeare

Deputy Project Manager

Mike Slade

General support (resident squirrel)

Peter Smale

Undercarriage & scaffolding scout

David Small

Metal machining & fabrication

Terry Tingey

Metal machining & fabrication

Mark Walden

Metal machining & fabrication

Deanne Ward

Aircraft covering

Malcolm Warren

General support

Ann Wilson

Aircraft covering, secretarial & emotional support for PM

Dave Wilson

Project Manager – the buck stops here!

Some of the invaluable FAST Cody Flyer Team

Cody Flyer Project Team'

FAST Media contact:
Richard Gardner Tel 01252 515562

Project Leader:
David Wilson Tel 01420 23644

Project Deputy:
Maurice Shakespeare

Information on Samual Franklin Cody:
Jean Roberts Tel 01252 543740

Samuel Franklin Cody