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FAST (the Farnborough Air Sciences Trust) was founded in 1993 to safeguard Farnborough's priceless aeronautical heritage.  We work to preserve and promote Farnborough's great heritage in aviation science - an important educational resource and an internationally significant part of the nation's scientific progress.

Our museum is dedicated to Farnborough's proud aviation heritage and significant contribution to air science and research, and offers an important educational resource as well as an entertaining and stimulating day out for anyone interested in aviation history and scientific progress.  


Trenchard House

85 Farnborough Road


Hampshire GU14 6TF

Tel : 01252 375050

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Unique Footage available at FAST
During the early 1900s, the Royal Aircraft Establishment (RAE) was created at Farnborough and soon became one of the most successful aeronautical research organisations in the world.  Some of the greatest advances in aviation technology emanated from its laboratories and workshops, and working alongside the scientists were expert photographers who filmed many of their extraordinary experiments.
FAST has rescued much of this unique footage from imminent destruction, as part of its commitment to preserving Britain`s aviation heritage.  The FAST film archive contains hundreds of hours of historic footage from the RAE.  It spans several decades across most of the 20th Century, and chronicles the pioneering work of British scientists and aviators in the research and development of aviation.  

See some of the footage in our short show reel on the right.

FAST archive footage has been supplied to numerous international programme producers for use in television documentaries, feature films, DVDs, permanent exhibitions, and television adverts, which have covered a wide range of aviation-related topics. Producers and broadcasters include the BBC, Channel 4, Channel 5, Granada TV, PBS America, Discovery Channel, National Geographic Channel, Smithsonian Channel, IWC Media, Whitworth Media, Fremantle Media, October Films, Darlow Smithson, Northern Pictures Australia plus many more.

Some of the many highlights of the FAST archive include:

Early deck trials

Flying boats

Ejection seats & underwater escape trials

Frank Whittle & the jet engine

Delta wing research & the development of Concorde

Military & commercial aircraft

Air crash investigation

Weapons & rockets

Unmanned aircraft

Experimental aircraft & test flying

Institute of Aviation Medicine, pilot & passenger safety & survivability

VSTOL trials & testing

Aircraft design & manufacture

Famous firsts in aviation

Test Pilots


Wind tunnel trials

 RAF, Royal Navy & the Army Air Corps

Air show displays

…and much, much more!


Film Archive Enquiries

Footage is available for licensing.  Rates dependent on quantity, usage and clearances required.

For more information, or for specific footage enquiries, contact Ashley Morgan with details of your requirements

E-mail : ashley@FASTarchive.co.uk

Tel :  +44 (0) 771 428 6110  

A small sample of the many programmes featuring footage from the FAST archive: