Past Events Archive (2012 onwards)
Farnborough Air Sciences Trust
Safeguarding Our Unique Aviation Heritage
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Farnborough Air Sciences Trust
Safeguarding Our Unique Aviation Heritage
FAST TALK : Tuesday 17 February 2015
Squadron Leader Andrew Millikin, RAF

FAST TALK : Tuesday 16 September 2014
David Wilson : A Lifetime in Aviation - An RAE Apprenticeship and All It Led To

FAST TALK : Tuesday 12 May
James Hamilton-Paterson - The Demise of the British Aircraft Industry Post 1945

FASTA Talk : Tuesday 21 February 2012, 7.30pm, Holiday Inn, Farnborough
Speaker : Reg Milne - RAE in the 1940s and 50s: Armament Department's work and trials
Reg Milne talked about the problem of destroying U-Boat shelters and the concrete-piercing bomb trials done jointly with the USA in Germany after the war, with excerpts from film records of the trials.
BBC Antiques Roadshow : Thursday 10 May 2012
The BBC Antiques Roadshow visited Farnborough on 10 May, hosting the show from the Historic Wind Tunnels in Farnborough's Heritage Quarter.  A great day was had by all and it was also a fantastic opportunity to visit these iconic wind tunnels and the surrounding Heritage Quarter!

We will post the date of the show broadcasting when we have it.  Further information about the show in general can be found on the Antiques Roadshow website.

FASTA Talk : Tuesday 18 September 2012, 7.30pm, Holiday Inn, Farnborough
Speaker : Rob Tierney - 'SHETO HATTI' the story of G-HUEY
Rob Tierney, whilst serving in the Falklands, "borrowed" a Huey from the other side and brought it home!  Once she was rebuilt and registered under G-HUEY, he was involved in flying her around the air show circuit for a number of years in aid of the RAF Benevolent Fund. He is former ETPS Test Pilot, who had been attached to Rotary Test Squadron at Boscombe Down from 1975-1979.
FASTA Talk : Tuesday 12 February 2013
Doug Bateman: RAE and the Development of Free-Fall Nuclear Weapons
FASTA Talk : Tuesday 21 May 2013
Mike Dobson : The Evolution of the RAE Bedford Wind Tunnels.
FASTA TALK : Tuesday 24 September 2013
John Ward : A Great British Icon - The English Electric Lightning - a Perspective from the Cockpit.
FAST TALK : Tuesday 11 February 2014
Dr Ervine Glenny : An RAE Invention: Carbon Fibre
FAST TALK : Tuesday 20 May 2014
Peter Reese : The Men Who Gave Us Wings

FAST TALK : Tuesday 15 September 2015
Geoff Clarkson : UK Day - Night All Weather Systems for Fixed and Rotary Wing Aircraft
FAST TALK : Tuesday 23 February 2016
Ian Black : The English Electric Lightning - From Dawn to Dusk
FAST TALK : Tuesday 28 February
Clive Dyer - Space Weather: Past, Present and Future

FAST TALK : Tuesday 10 May 2016
Chris Pocock 60 Years of the U2
FAST TALK : Tuesday 13 September 2016
Sir Donald Spiers - My Life with Aeroplanes

FAST TALK : Tuesday 09 May
Max Kingsley-Jones - Hawker Siddeley Trident: Blind Faith, Blind Landing

FAST TALK : Tuesday 26 September
Peter Coombs : A Century of Air Accident Investigation