Farnborough Air Sciences Trust
Safeguarding Our Unique Aviation Heritage
The FAST Museum collection includes an enormous archive of equipment, machinery, photographs, films, reports and books related to this illustrious history.  The collection is continuously being recorded and updated by voluntary effort.  Increasingly this work is being recognised by world-class institutions, such as The Air League, The Royal Aeronautical Society, The Science Museum and The American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics.

The Farnborough Museum presents a selection from the FAST collection in the setting of a historic listed building.  The Museum building dates from 1908 and was built as the headquarters of the Royal Engineers Balloon School.  It is superbly located on a hill overlooking the runway of Fanborough Airfield - so modern planes can be seen in the air as well as historic planes on display in and around the Museum building.

The Museum is managed by the Trustees of FAST and the day to day running is in the capable hands of the volunteers of the FAST Association who undertake the archiving, restoration, maintenance and display activities, as well as maintaining off-site storage facilities and providing guides and a lecture service.

In the Musuem you can see photographs and exhibits from the early years of aviation and important pieces of aviation history, like Sir Frank Whittle's earliest jet engines, a full size replica of the Cody Flyer and research models of Concorde.  You can watch demonstrations of a working wind tunnel, take part in a flight simulation and much, much more!   (See Exhibits and Attractions) And there are enthusiastic experts always on hand to answer your questions.

About the FAST Museum
No other single location in the world has contributed so much to the development of aeronautical science over such a long period of time as Farnborough.  From the first airborne cameras and flying clothing to high altitude 'space suits', night vision aids, head-up cockpit displays and the first carbon fibre experiments - the list of Farnborough's aerospace contributions is endless.

A Note About Our Building
Lord Hugh Montague Trenchard
'The Father of the Royal Air Force'

The Museum is located in and around the former Royal Engineers Balloon School, a Grade II Listed Building.  FAST gave the name 'Trenchard House' to the building as a memorial to the 'Father of the Royal Air Force', Lord Trenchard, who established his first headquarters there as the first British Army Royal Flying Corps aircraft squadrons were established from 1912.  More >>
As well as the sterling work of its wonderful volunteers, the FAST Museum is grateful for the support received from previous and existing site owners, Rushmoor Borough Council, The Royal Aeronautical Society, The Society of British Aerospace Companies (SBAC), SAVE Britain's Heritage, Hampshire County Council, QinetiQ, and othere companies and organisations including The Air League, Sigma and Messier-Bugatti-Dowty.
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