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Farnborough Airfield
The Airbus A380
 landing at Farnborough, 2006
The FAST Museum can be seen in the background, showing how close we are to the Airfield!
Farnborough Airshow
The Re-erected Balloon Hangar
The Hub - Formerly Weapons Testing Building - Q134
Building Q121, containing the 24ft
Low Speed  Wind Tunnel
Around and About in Farnborough
Below you will find some details of other 'Air-Related Attractions' in and round Farnborough.

For details about other things to see and do around Farnborough, you can contact:

Hampshire County Council
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Farnborough Library
Pinehurst Avenue
Telephone: 0800 028 0888
Email : info.far@hants.gov.uk

Farnborough's Historic Aviation Site /
RAE Heritage Quarter
The Farnborough Airport site has a long history of involvement with aviation in the UK, beginning in 1908 with the creation of His Majesty's Balloon Factory.  See Farnborough's Aviation History for more details.  A Business Park has been developed around the airport, but great efforts have been made to preserve and incorporate buildings of historic significance.

The 1911 Balloon Hangar is now, once more, erected close to its original location on the former Royal Aircraft Factory site, now part of the Farnborough Business Park.  The conservation and re-erection of the airship hangar was one of the earliest FAST proposals in the mid 1990s.  As a result of a major investment by SEGRO (formerly known as Slough Estates), it is now a magnificent iconic structure, a symbol of the reborn RAE Heritage Quarter

Also on the Business Park you can find the heritage centre at the former Royal Aircraft Establishment in Farnborough.  Formerly known as the Weapons Testing Building, or Q134, The Hub has now been entirely refurbished and now includes a museum called the Secret Factory within the new Farnborough Business Park.
This iconic building was once the birthplace of the Black Arrow and Black Knight rocket systems, but is now being converted into a vibrant mixed-use development that will provide a range of facilities for occupiers and visitors alike.  

SEGRO have built the heritage centre investing over £150 million on the site, including the preservation of impressive local landmark, Building Q121, a Grade I Listed Building, which also contains the old wind tunnels used to test Spitfires and more recently Concorde.  Q121 is adjoined by the Transonic wind tunnel, R133, in which most of Britain's supersonic aircraft designs were tested for half a century, from the early 1940s - the birth of the jet age.

A third wind tunnel in Grade II Listed Building R52, is the subject of a FAST proposals for an educational and conservation project centred on an air science laboratory, re-using the working wind tunnel.

More information on the Wind Tunnels here.

Farnborough Airport
Farnborough was the UK's first airfield and home to the country's first powered flight in 1908.  From the earliest days, Farnborough has been a centre of military and civil aviation research.  Many innovations from the Royal Aircraft Establishment at Farnborough have left their mark on aviation worldwide.

Farnborough Airport or TAG London Farnborough Airport (IATA: FAB, ICAO: EGLF) - previously called RAE Farnborough - is situated right on the doorstep of the Museum and is the UK's only business only airport. 

Farnborough Aerodrome has a CAA Ordinary Licence (Number P864) that allows flights for the public transport of passengers or for flying instruction as authorised by the licensee (TAG Farnborough Airport Limited).

The airfield is the home of the Farnborough Airshow which takes place on even numbered years.  It is also home to the Air Accidents Investigation Branch, part of the Department for Transport.

Plane Spotting / Aviation Enthusiast Scheme
See Farnborough Spotters and Farnborough Aviation Group website for details.

As a means of a promoting a closer working relationship with local enthusiasts, Hampshire Police has established Aviation/Airport Watch Scheme.  Membership does not give you any additional rights over any other member of the public but enables the police to have regular contact with enthusiasts.

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